The Body Bench

Prescott Ellison invented The Body Bench to provide an easy to use, high quality solution for anyone interested in sustaining a healthier lifestyle. Its portable and compact design allows for a full body workout with over 120 exercises that include Calisthenics, Stretching, Yoga and Cardio without the need for any additional equipment or accessories.

Living a sustainable healthy life can be summarized by 3 simple questions.

What do I do? Where do I do it? When do I do it?

With the Body Bench the answers are easy as 1-2-3

Exercise, Anywhere, Anytime!


The Body Bench provides a full range of exercises for your entire body.

  • Calisthenics

    The Body Bench can facilitate a full body, well balanced, calisthenic workout by providing a stable platform with a compact footprint.

  • Cardio

    The Body Bench provides a variety of stationary, low impact, cardio workouts anywhere.

  • Weights

    Do you have your own set of weights? You can easily integrate The Body Bench into your existing workout.

  • Yoga

    The low center of gravity of The Body Bench provides a comfortable platform for maintaining balance for a wide range of yoga postures.

  • Stretching

    Utilizing the T-Bar or padded seat, The Body Bench provides a stable base for variety of a stretches.

  • Portable

    Its compact and light weight allow it to be easily taken anywhere you want to work out. Traveling? The Body Bench can be disassembled in just a few minutes and stored in its duffle bag.



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